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Leuven-Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

          On December 10, 2017, the Key Funded Candidates Project Roadshow under the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program of Jiangsu Province and the 6th Jiangsu Talents’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roadshow directed by Jiangsu Province Talents Office, sponsored by Jiangsu Talents Entrepreneurship and Investment Alliance, jointly organized by Jiangsu Govtor Capital Group and Bank of Jiangsu, was successfully held in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Dr. Xu Kaidong, general manager of the Company, finally won the second place and obtained RMB 5 million project support fund.

          On the ask and answer venue, Dr. Xu Kaidong introduced the status quo of Leuven Instruments, the progress of project R&D and the future development direction.The technologies researched and developed for magnetic memory etcher and other high-end semiconductor apparatuses that are the core products of the Company were widely recognized by evaluating experts, who were all optimistic about the future of the Company.

         The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program of Jiangsu Province, i.e. the Program of Jiangsu Province to Introduce High-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents, has had in total 2,770 domestic and foreign talents applying since its start in May 2017. After the preliminary review and recommendation by the talents offices of district and city and the competent provincial talents authority and the qualification review by Jiangsu Province Talents Office, there have been 943 applicants qualified for the first round of ask and answer roadshow and from such applicants, 420 would be selected as the objects proposed to be funded. From this year, in order to give prominence to the support to key talents, Jiangsu Province Talents Office starts to enhance the funding to key projects. From the 420 projects, 36 were selected. 18 candidates were selected for the final roadshow after field visit and in-depth investigation firstly by the field due diligence team and on-the-spot listening to the project introduction by various talents. The final competition was furious. The evaluation committee composed of the experts from various industries scored the key projects to be funded on the spot. The first three places obtained RMB 5 million fund each while the 4-10th places obtained RMB 3 million each.


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