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Won an honor: “National Hi-tech Enterprise 2017”

          On November 2017, the Office of the National Leading Group for the Determination and Management of High-tech Enterprises issued the Notice on Publicizing the List of the First Series of High-tech Enterprises in Jiangsu Province 2017, and our company is on the List. After the publication of the list, our company officially became a new member of the national high-tech enterprises. As a company having been established for only two years, our company smoothly passed the certification for national hi-tech enterprise. This should be attributed to the innovation-driven development strategy and the world-class talent team of the Company.

          After two years of rapid development, the Company has achieved fruitful results in research and development. It has researched and developed three series of high-end semiconductor devices, such as film nanometer aperture analyzer (GAM), meteorological decomposition metal contamination collection equipment (LVPDD) and magnetic storage etcher, filling in the domestic gap in China in terms of high-end semiconductors; it has also researched and developed three series of scientific research equipment, such as inductively coupled plasma etcher, reactive ion etcher, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition system and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition system. Up to now, through earlier research and development, the Company has submitted 78 patent applications, including 7 international patent PCT applications and 15 authorized patents.

          In order to solve the technical bottleneck in the development of the Company and regional semiconductor enterprises, the Company established the Semiconductor Science and Technology Innovation Center together with the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy and Pizhou Municipal Peoples Government. In order to break through the technical problems of magnetic etcher as the core product of the Company, the Company has invited Professor Albert Fert, initiator and founder of spin electronics, to be its chief scientist. In November 2016, it established the first Nobel Prize Winner Studio in North Jiangsu. The Company is one of the first group of enterprises awarded the title of “Jiangsu Province Foreign Experts Studio”.

          Since its establishment, the core technical team has been granted the titles of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Team, Six Major High-level Talents Teams of Jiangsu Province. Dr. Xu Kaidong - founder of the Company and expert under the Recruitment Program of Global Talents, has been granted the titles of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Individual of Xuzhou City; Innovative and Entrepreneurial Individual of Jiangsu Province and Leading New Generation Entrepreneur of Jiangsu Province. Its core product has successively been granted the titles of Jiangsu Province Hi-tech Product and Jiangsu Province Key New Technology and New Product Promoted for Application by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, and has been recognized the first set of major equipment of Jiangsu Province.


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