[Product Profile]

LIBE-200 decomposes argon into inert gas (such as argon) ions with the glow discharge principle. The inert gas ions are physically bombarded on the surface of the sample through the acceleration of the anode electric field to achieve the effect of etching. The inert gas enters the ionization region and forms plasma, and then the ion is extracted in form of beam and accelerated by the grid. The ion beam with a certain amount of energy enters the reaction chamber and shoots onto the surface of the sample, which makes the material atoms sputtering, so as to achieve the purpose of etching. It belongs to pure physical etching.

[Product Features]

 It consists of reaction chamber, vacuum acquisition system, lower electrode, ion source, vacuum detection system, electrical control system, control software and so on.

 It is mainly used for the etching of various metals and complex systems such as metals and oxides: Ag, Au, Pt, Cu, MgO, etc.; silicon materials: SiO2, SiNx, quartz, etc.

 The reaction chamber is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the inner and outer walls of the chamber are electrically polished. The chamber is in the shape of irregular cylinder, ensuring the process performance.

 The vacuum acquisition system consists of corrosion-resistant high-end dry pump, molecular pump and so on.

 The lower electrode sample bench can be rotated continuously and equipped with the corresponding controller, which can realize the relative normal tilt of ion beam. It is suitable for the sample of 200mm and below.

 It is configured with large-diameter uniform ion source with wide coverage of ion energy.

 It is configured with high-precision process vacuum gauge and integrated pressure regulating valve to precisely control process pressure.

 It has automatic process and process database and provides recommended process menus.

 The security mechanism of the machine is composed of two levels of soft and hard interlock. It is equipped with interlocking, alarm and other security measures.

 It has the dry cleaning function to avoid chamber pollution.

[Product Configuration and Specifications]

 Reaction /cavity/chamber:                     1 set;

 Vacuum acquisition system:                   1 set

 Lower electrode:                                   1 set

 Ion source:                                           1 set

 Reaction gas path and mass flowmeter:  Ar, 1 set

 Vacuum testing system:                         1 set

 Electrical control system:                       1 set

 Control software:                                  1 set

 Endpoint detection system:                    optional

[Main Applications]

Applied in photoelectron, MEMS, laser, sensor, solar cell, etc.

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