[Product Profile]

In the process of reactive ion etching, the reactive gas discharge produces a large number of plasmas, which interact with the surface of the material and chemically react with the surface atoms to produce volatile products. These volatile products are discharged with the vacuum pumping system. With the periodic cycle of “reaction-stripping-discharge” on the surface of the material, the material is etched layer by layer until to a specified depth. In addition to surface chemical reactions, energy ions bombarding the surface of the material will also make the surface atoms sputtering, resulting in a certain etching effect. Therefore, reactive ion etching involves the combination of physical and chemical etching.

LCCP-6A is a general purpose etching equipment in laboratory. With compact appearance and structure design and small footprint, it can be used for the microfabrication in different fields and is one of the basic apparatuses in laboratory, micro and micro-nano machining or small-scale production.

[Product Features]

 It consists of reaction chamber, vacuum acquisition system, lower electrode, RF power supply and matcher, reaction gas path and mass flowmeter, vacuum detection system, electrical control system, control software and so on.

 It can etch Si, SiO2, Si3N4, Poly-Si, Au, Ag, Ta, InP, W, LiNbO3, photoresist, organic membrane and other materials.

 The reaction chamber is made of corrosion-resistant material, which can guarantee the vacuum performance of the chamber.

 The vacuum acquisition system consists of corrosion-resistant high-end dry pump, molecular pump and so on.

 The lower electrode has the function of He back cooling and water cooling. It can accurately control the process temperature and is suitable for the samples of 200 mm and less.

 It adopts imported RF power supply and is equipped with automatic matcher.

 It can be flexibly configured with process gas according to user needs and is equipped with imported high-precision mass flowmeter to accurately control reaction gas flow rate.

 It is configured with high-precision process vacuum gauge and pressure regulating valve to precisely control process pressure.

 It has automatic process and process database and provides a variety of process menus.

 The security mechanism of the machine is composed of two levels of soft and hard interlock. It is equipped with interlocking, alarm and other security measures.

 It has the dry cleaning function to avoid chamber pollution.

[Product Configuration and Specifications]

 Reaction chamber:                                            1 set;

 Vacuum acquisition system:                            1 set

 Lower electrode:                                               1 set

 RF power supply and automatic matcher:    1 set, frequency 13.56MHz

 Reaction gas path and mass flowmeter: configured according to user needs

 Vacuum testing system:                                   1 set

 Electrical control system:                                 1 set

 Control software:                                               1 set

 Loadlock automatic transmission system: optional

[Main Applications]

Applied in photoelectron, MEMS, laser, sensor, solar cell, etc.


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