Haasrode-200 ICP

[Product Profile]

After reactive gas is fed into LICP-200, the gas is decomposed by the inductively coupled plasma glow discharge, generating the highly chemically active plasma, which not only can react with the surface of the sample to produce volatile gas but also has a certain physical etching effect. The plasma source is separated from the RF bias source, so the plasma density and the plasma bias can be controlled separately to obtain higher etching rate and better anisotropic etching.

LICP-200 is an extremely powerful inductively coupled plasma etcher. Depending on different process gas configuration, it can etch most of the semiconductor materials and can obtain good uniformity and good etching repeatability. It is an indispensable tool for micro-nano fine processing.

 [Product Features]

 It consists of reaction chamber, vacuum acquisition system, lower electrode, exciting RF power supply and matcher, bias RF power supply and matcher, reaction gas path and mass flowmeter, vacuum detection system, electrical control system, control software and so on.

 Etching materials include:

Silica-based materials: Si, SiO2, Si3N4, Ge, GeSi, etc.;

III-V materials: InP, GaN, GaAs, InGaN, InGaAsP, AlGaN, etc.;

Metal and compound materials: Ag, Au, Al, Ta, Ti, TiN, MgO, W, LiNbO3, BN, etc.;

II-VI, photoresist and organic membrane.

 The reaction chamber is made of corrosion-resistant material, which can guarantee the vacuum performance of the chamber.

 The vacuum acquisition system consists of corrosion-resistant high-end dry pump, molecular pump and so on.

 The lower electrode has the function of He back cooling and water cooling. It can accurately control the process temperature and is suitable for the samples of 200 mm and less.

 It adopts imported RF power supply and is equipped with automatic matcher.

 It can be flexibly configured with process gas according to user needs and is equipped with imported high-precision mass flowmeter to accurately control reaction gas flow rate.

 It is configured with high-precision process vacuum gauge and integrated pressure regulating valve to precisely control process pressure.

 It has automatic process and process database and provides recommended process menus.

 The security mechanism of the machine is composed of two levels of soft and hard interlock. It is equipped with interlocking, alarm and other security measures.

 It has the dry cleaning function to avoid chamber pollution and can ensure process stability and repeatability.

[Product Configuration and Specifications]

 ● Reaction chamber:                                      1 set;

 ● Vacuum acquisition system:                      1 set

 ● Lower electrode:                                         1 set

 ● RF power supply and matcher:                 2 sets, frequency 13.56MHz

 ● Reaction gas path and mass flowmeter: configured according to user needs

 ● Vacuum testing system:                             1 set

 ● Electrical control system:                           1 set

 ● Control software:                                         1 set

 ● Loadlock automatic transmission system: optional

 ● Endpoint detection system: optional

[Main Applications]

It can be used in the fields of integrated circuit, semiconductor lighting, MEMS, power semiconductor and so on, and can be also used in plasma scum removal, photoresist material stripping, surface treatment, passivation layer etching, polyamide etching, enhanced adhesion, biomedical application, pre-binding cleaning, etc.


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