LVPD-300 Vapor Phase Decomposition

[Product Profile]

As the patented product of Leuven Instrument, this product is specially researched and developed for metal contamination control for integrated circuit, silicon substrate production line and leading process R&D platform and it is used for the release and collection of metal elements on the surface of wafers and chambers.

[Product Features]

 It contains the modules of gas phase corrosion, alignment, contamination collection, wafer automatic transfer, chemical liquid automatic supply, drying, etc.

 It is compatible with 300mm and 200mm wafers without need to switch transfer modules and it adopts fully automated process.

 The gas phase corrosion module can be used separately in the release process of MEMS devices.

 With gas phase corrosion, it may have higher corrosion selection ratio of metal elements.

 With the patented reaction chamber of Leuven Instruments, it is the safest gas corrosion chamber in the market at present.

 It is equipped with a variable speed air extraction module to avoid the deformation of the cavity in order to quickly adapt to the intake flow in the process of corrosion and purging.

 In combination with TXRF, the detection threshold of TXRF can be increased by two orders of magnitude.

 The design and production of the complete system conform to SEMI standard.

 Major contaminated metal elements detected: Na, Mg, Al, K, Ca, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Y, Zr, Mo, Pd, La, Ce, W, Ge, Dy, Hf, Ta, Pt, Au, Ru, etc.

[Product Configuration and Specifications]

 Size of wafers that can be processed:   200mm or 300mm ;

 Loadport:                                           1~2;

 Wafer transfer robot:                          1 (200mm and 300 compatible), including 1 set of corrosion-resistant arm;

 Gas corrosion chamber:                      1;

 Aligner:                                              1 (200mm and 300 compatible);

 Wafer scanning platform:                     1;

 Drying chamber:                                 1;

 Chemical operation robot:                   1 (arm with corrosion-resistant coating);

 Internal purification environment: Class 1;

[Main Applications]

          It is used for the release and collection of metal elements on the surface of wafers and chambers.

          Applied Industries:

          Silicon substrate, wafer manufacturer, IC processing plant, pilot process chamber testing, etc.

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