LMEC-200 Magnetic-layer Etching Cluster


[Product Profile]

As the patented product of Leuven Instruments, it is specially developed for etching transition metals and non-volatile metals and is mainly used in the R&D and production of magnetic memory MRAM and magnetic sensors.

It integrates the modules of ICP etching, IBE etching, in-situ protection, etc. With ICP etching module and the IBE etching module, it can avoid non-volatile etching residuals and remove accurately the plasma loss layer produced in the residual removal process. The in-situ protection module can ensure that the magnetic tunnel junction is covered with the in-situ protective layer in vacuum environment after etching, thus effectively isolating the air and solving the reliability problem caused by metal oxidation and hydration of the side wall.

[Product Features]

 It has three treatment processes simultaneously: ICP etching, IBE etching and in-situ protection.

 The switching of the three processes does not leave the vacuum environment.

 The central transmission manipulator marathon test allows ten thousand consecutive test transmissions without failure.

 The ICP module is equipped with unique electrodes for higher etching rate for transition metals and non-volatile metal materials, and can accurately control the etching process of magnetic tunneling junctions and accurately stop on different metal layers.

 The unique object stage design of the IBE module can accurately control the etching angle and rotate speed to optimize the profile of side wall and clear the accumulation of side wall.

 The in-situ protection module is equipped with two-stage uniform gas structure, which is helpful to improve film quality.

 It is suitable for 200mm sample, meets the demand of pilot test and also can be extended to 300mm machine.

 The excellent selection of world-class parts suppliers ensures system stability.

 The vacuum environment has a good vacuum degree to ensure the process progress.

 It has the dry cleaning function to avoid chamber pollution.

 It is equipped with man-machine interaction function and has automatic recording of process data and work log, and performs automatic data monitoring.

 It is equipped with safety interlocking function and can give an alarm when dangers detected.

 It provides a full range of process services.

[Product Configuration and Specifications]

 Processable wafer size:            ≤200mm (expandable to 300mm)

 ICP etching module:                1 set (with endpoint testing system optional)

 In-situ protection module:               1 set

 IBE etching module:                1 set (with endpoint testing system optional)

 Central transmission system:    1 set

 Wafer loading cavity:                     2 sets

 Fully automatic control system and software: 1 set.

[Main Applications]

It is mainly used in the R&D and production of magnetic memory MRAM and magnetic sensor. It is used to etch transition metal and nonvolatile metal materials. The materials that can be processed are:

 Non-metal compounds: SiO2, Si3N4, etc.

 Metal materials: Ta, Ru, Ti, TiN, Co, Pt, W, etc.

 Metal compounds: TaN, CoFeB, NiFe, MgO, Al2O3, IrMn, HfO, etc.


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