GAM-100 Ellipsometric Porosimeter


[Product Profile]

As the patented product of Leuven Instruments, it is the world’s first equipment that can present pore size, pore size distribution, porosity, defect analysis, refractive index, layer thickness and other parameters of films under normal temperature and normal pressure.

 [Product Features]

 It is composed of ellipsometry system, gas and liquid mixing system, electric control system, control software and so on, and has all functions of ellipsometer.

 It can test the samples of 200mm and below and can be extended to 300mm.

 It avoids the disadvantage that the traditional nitrogen or mercury compression may damage expensive samples.

 The whole process of adsorption and desorption takes only a few minutes without vacuum system.

 The database contains optical data of conventional thin film materials, facilitating the debugging and calibration of the equipment.

 It is equipped with automatic control software, can fully control the sample adsorption and desorption process fully automatically, and complete data analysis effectively.

 Analysis and calculation software is used for data analysis and mapping. The parameters such as pore size and distribution, average pore size, porosity and so on can be analyzed.

[Product Configuration and Specifications]

 Characterizable sample size:    200mm or 300mm;

 Ellipsometry system:                1 set;

 Gas-liquid mixing system:         1 set;

 Electrical control system:          1 set;

 Automatic control software:      1 set;

 Data analysis software:            1 set;

 Wavelength range:                  370-1,050nm, adjustable according to user’s needs;

 Pore size and distribution:        0.5nm-50nm;

 Porosity:                                 0-95%.

[Main Applications]

It is applied in low-k material, thin film battery, biomedicine, solar cell, etc.

Characterized materials: porous SiO2, porous organic film.


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