About Us

      [General]         Jiangsu Leuven Instruments Co. Ltd. was established and funded jointly by Belgian Leuven Instruments, Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. Headquartered in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, the Company has an R&D center and sales department in Belgium, market and technical service centers in Beijing, Shanghai,Wuhan,Xi'an, and Taiwan.

      [Philosophy]   The Company adheres to the business philosophy of “Innovation, Realization, Trust”, advocates the spirit of artisans of “Keep Improving”, and provides customers with the high-end equipment and supporting technical services in respect of semiconductor R&D, production, testing, etc.

      [Products]       Our main products are reactive ion etcher, inductively coupled plasma etcher, ion beam etcher, platform etcher (for magnetic memory and magnetic sensor etching), chemical vapor deposition equipment, gas phase hydrofluoric acid etcher, gas phase metal decomposition contamination collection machine, film material nanometer aperture analyzer, etc. The company has its own patented technologies and its core products have the technology leading in the world.

      [Vision]            The Company is committed to becoming the world’s leading semiconductor equipment supplier and is willing to work with customers, suppliers, industry colleagues and investors to open up and create a broad future in the field of semiconductor equipment!

Address:16th,Haihe Road,Pizhou,Jiangsu Tel:+86 516 86291377