Ganister™ A Series

8" Ion Beam Deposition System

Ion Beam Deposition (IBD)

System Features

  • Excellent film density with low-temperature and low-pressure processes
  • Dual ion beam source configuration, with the main source for sputtering, and the assist source for pre-cleaning and supplemental sputtering
  • Highly controlled deposition for great run-to-run repeatability
  • Realtime optical control system for spectrum monitoring, analysis, and tuning
  • Optional: all-in-one IBD and ion beam etching (IBE)
  • Applicable for 8" wafers


The Ganister™ A IBD system is designed for sputtering highly uniform and high-density thin films at low temperatures. This system has important applications in fabricating read heads based on tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) or anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR). Other applications include magnetic hard bias films and Bragg stacks.

The Ganister™ A can work with a wide variety of film materials, thanks to its sputtering mechanism. Additionally, the system’s rotatory target drum has four target slots, meaning that the Ganister™ A can process up to four types of target materials. The optional assist source can be used for in-situ pre-clean and film densification. When the IBE function of the assist source is enabled, the Ganister™ A integrates both IBE and IBD in the same process chamber.