Pishow® D Series

8" Inductively Coupled Plasma - Deep Silicon Etching System

Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) - Deep Silicon (DSE)

System Features

  • The Pishow® D series is a ICP etching system for deep silicon etch
  • Bosch process for high aspect ratio trench etch
  • Optimized gas box design shortens the switching time between different processes to less than 1.0 s
  • The Pishow® D series, compatible with 8" to 4" wafers, is available in cluster and single chamber configurations

Product Series

Process Data

High Aspect Ratio, Excellent Depth Control, Steep Profile, Smooth Sidewall


Our proprietary Pishow® D deep reactive ion etching system is a deep silicon etch equipment for 8" to 6" IC fabs and R&D lines. It allows for precise control over etch depth while minimizing etching damage.

Deep reactive ion etch is a common practice during micro-/nano- device fabrication. The Pishow® D ICP-DRIE system is capable of the Bosch process to pattern high aspect ratio silicon features.

This system offers cost-effective solutions and has a small footprint, greatly enhances process throughput and production capacity.