Pishow® D Series

8" Inductively Coupled Plasma - Deep Reactive Ion Etching System

Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) - Deep Reactive Ion Etch (DRIE)

System Features

  • The Pishow® D series is a ICP etching system with DRIE applications
  • Offers silicon DRIE solutions and silicon carbide deep hole etching solutions
  • Optimized gas box design shortens the switching time between different processes to less than 1.0 s
  • Bosch process available for high aspect ratio trench or backside via etch
  • The Pishow® D series, compatible with 8" to 4" wafers, is available in cluster and single chamber configurations

Product Series


Terbank™ Pishow® D Heverlee® Pishow® D Haasrode® Pishow® D
Loading Options Cassette Cassette Load lock
Wafer Size 200 mm ~ 100 mm 200 mm ~ 100 mm

200 mm ~ 100 mm

Carrier plate available for wafer pieces

Process Gases SF6, C4F8, O2, etc.
Critical Dimension ≥ 200 nm
Applicable Scenarios Fabs
  • Mass production
  • R&D lines
  • Small volume production
  • Research
Etching Materials Si, SiC

Deep silicon etch, Bosch Process, SiC backside via etch

Process Data

High Aspect Ratio, Excellent Depth Control, Steep Profile, Smooth Sidewall


Our proprietary Pishow® D deep reactive ion etching system is a deep silicon etch or silicon carbide via etch equipment for 200 mm to 100 mm IC fabs and R&D lines. It allows for precise control over etch depth while minimizing etching damage.

Deep reactive ion etch is a common practice during micro-/nano- device fabrication. The Pishow® D ICP-DRIE system is capable of the Bosch process to pattern high aspect ratio silicon features. It also offers DRIE processes for silicon carbide via etching.

This system offers cost-effective solutions and has a small footprint, greatly enhances process throughput and production capacity.