Pishow® A Series

8" Inductively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Layer Etching System

Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) - Atomic Layer Etch (ALE)

System Features

  • The Pishow® A series is a ICP etching system with ALE applications
  • Offers etching solutions for the core structures of high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs), including special processes for stacks of SiNx, TiN, pGaN, and AlGaN
  • The ALE function allows for ultra-precise depth control of the AlGaN stacks
  • High etch selectivity of pGaN, minimizing the damage to the AlGaN layer
  • Capable of ultra-low power processes (bias power < 1.0 W) to achieve low damage
  • The Pishow® A series, compatible with 8" to 4" wafers, is available in cluster and single chamber configurations

Product Series


Terbank™ Pishow® A Heverlee® Pishow® A Haasrode® Pishow® A
Loading Options Cassette Cassette Load lock
Wafer Size 200 mm ~ 100 mm 200 mm ~ 100 mm

200 mm ~ 100 mm

Carrier plate available for wafer pieces

Process Gases Fluorine-based, chlorine-based, oxygen, and inert gases
Critical Dimension ≥ 20 nm
Applicable Scenarios Fabs
  • Mass production
  • R&D lines
  • Small volume production
  • Research
Etching Materials SiNx, TiN, pGaN, AlGaN

Etching dielectrics, metal, and GaN for HEMT devices

Process Data

Ultra-precise Etch Control to Minimize Damage

Excellent Uniformity and Smoothness within Each Die


Our proprietary Pishow® A atomic layer etching system is a HEMT device etching equipment for 200 mm to 100 mm IC fabs and R&D lines. It allows for precise control over etch depth while minimizing etching damage.

One of the key challenges of HEMT device fabrication is to minimize any damage to the AlGaN layer. With processes delivering high selectivity of pGaN over AlGaN, the Pishow® A system leaves minimal damage to AlGaN. Another challenge is that the etch recess should be controlled precisely. Since our Pishow® A atomic layer etching system literally manipulates the materials at the atomic level, the etch recess can be determined exactly thanks to such extremely precise control over material removal.

This system offers cost-effective solutions and has a small footprint, greatly enhances process throughput and production capacity.