Pangea® A Series

12" Ion Beam Etching System

Ion Beam Etch (IBE)

System Features

  • The Pangea® A series is for 12" wafers, its large diameter ion source ensures great uniformity (1 σ non-uniformity < 1%)
  • The stage tilt angle is between -90° and +80°, so the ion beam can hit the sample surface at an angle
  • On-axis rotation of the wafer stage enhances process axisymmetry
  • The Pangea® A series IBE chambers can be integrated into various cluster systems

Product Series

Process Data

MTJ Etching

Ta Etching


In the Pangea® A ion beam etching (IBE) systems, plasma generated by the ion source passes through the grid, and the cations are accelerated. Electrons from a downstream neutralizer returns the beam to a net neutral state, keeping it collimated. Particles bombard the sample, physically etching away materials through sputtering. With the ion source far away from the wafer, non-volatile etch byproducts do not get in the way of plasma ignition. Free from chemistry limitations of the typical reactive ion etch, IBE can etch any solids, including metals, alloys, compounds, dielectrics, and semiconductors. The beam voltage and beam current can be independently adjusted for better process tuning, and the wafer stage can be tilted to pattern slanted features or to clean residues from the sidewall.