Pangea® R Series

12" Reactive Ion Beam Etching System

Reactive Ion Beam Etch (RIBE)

System Features

  • The Pangea® R series is for 12" wafers, its large diameter ion source ensures great uniformity (1 σ non-uniformity < 1%)
  • The stage tilt angle to the beam is between -90° and +80°, so the ion beam can hit the sample surface at an angle
  • On-axis rotation of the wafer stage enhances process axisymmetry
  • Ion beam energy and ion flux can be independently controlled
  • High vacuum processes
  • Fast etch rate and high etch selectivity due to reactive process gases
  • The Pangea® R series RIBE chambers can be integrated into various cluster systems

Product Series

Process Data

Slanted Grating Etch with RIBE Process


The Pangea® R reactive ion beam etching (RIBE) system integrates reactive chemistry into the conventional IBE process, achieving higher etch rate and better selectivity to the mask. The wafer holder can be tilted, altering the direction of impact to control the sidewall slope. Since the beam energy and ion flux can be adjusted separately, the Pangea® R achieves better process control over pattern morphology. As a result of these special designs, the Pangea® R offers etch solutions for unusual profiles and hard-to-process materials. Moreover, the Pangea® R has demonstrated world-class process capability for etching slanted and blazed gratings.