Herent® Chimera® A

12" Metal Hardmask Opening System

Inductively Coupled Plasma Etch (ICP)

System Features

  • The Herent® Chimera® A metal hardmask opening system is intended for volume production of 12" IC wafers
  • Consists of ICP etch chambers and a transfer module
  • Suitable for TiN metal hardmask opening processes starting from 55 nm generation


The Herent® Chimera® A system is designed specifically for back-end-of-line (BEOL) TiN metal hardmask opening processes. In 12" IC fabs, the hardmask opening process is repeated multiple times during wafer fabrication, since the high selectivity afforded by metal hardmasks allows feature size to keep shrinking. Herent® Chimera® A meets the hardmask etch specification for various technology nodes. Additionally, for LMEC-300™ systems with Chimera® A hardmask opening chambers, the ability to process both device functioning layers and hardmasks makes them an integrated solution for emerging memory applications.