Herent® Chimera® M

12" Metal Etching System

Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching (ICP) | Strip

System Features

  • The Herent® Chimera® M metal etching system is intended for volume production of 12" IC wafers
  • Consists of ICP etch chambers, strip chambers, and a transfer module
  • Suitable for aluminum pad applications from 0.18 μm to 10 nm technology nodes, and 0.18 μm to 90 nm high-density aluminum interconnect


The Herent® Chimera® M system is suitable for 300 mm IC fabs. While designed specifically for back-end-of-line (BEOL) aluminum pad processes from 0.18 μm to 10 nm technology nodes, Herent® Chimera® M also has applications in BEOL high density aluminum interconnect processes. This system offers superior uniformity control and cost-effective solutions.