Kessel™ Pishow® M

8" Metal Etching System

Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching (ICP) | Strip

System Features

  • The Kessel™ Pishow® M system is intended for volume production of 8" IC wafers
  • Consists of ICP etch chambers, strip chambers, a cooling chamber, and a transfer module
  • Ideal for aluminum interconnect and aluminum pad etch applications all the way down to the 0.11 μm generation

Process Data

Aluminum Pad & Aluminum Interconnect


The Kessel™ Pishow® M metal etching system is a cluster tool for 200 mm IC mass production using the aluminum interconnect process. The optimized design of this proprietary system offers excellent etch uniformity (< 8% within wafer, and < 5% wafer to wafer) and great particle control.

In 4 μm aluminum pad etch applications, Kessel™ Pishow® M has a throughput of up to 8,000 wafers per month. This system offers cost-effective solutions and has a small footprint, greatly enhances process throughput and production capacity.